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Position Overview

Do you thrive in an environment where you work on engaging and challenging projects? Do you want to be a part of a talented team that designs, builds, and deploys solutions? Every year Autodesk hires talented Business Intelligence Analysts to join our team and benefit from unlimited access to our technology and industry mentors.  If this sounds like you, read on!


  • Analyzes complex business problems and issues using data from internal and external sources to provide insight to decision-makers
  • Identifies and interprets trends and patterns in datasets to locate influences
  • Produce financial and market intelligence by querying data repositories and generating periodic reports
  • Manage the marketing metrics program including creating and updating databases
  • Ensure data fed into databases are clean, and calculations are standardized
  • Automate data into dashboards using APIs and scripts.
  • Drive the decision on which service metrics to load into databases
  • Drive service managers to have the metrics they are required to have for each service
  • Create and edit dashboards and reports
  • Report on the gaps in the metrics and work with service managers to get them up to speed and have them captured, calculated, and analyzed for action
  • Find insights in the data
  • Manage survey program including creating and distributing surveys
  • Analyze and report data from customer research activities – results from focus groups, surveys, interviews, etc., which also includes the Customer Satisfaction survey and ad hoc surveys.
  • Following survey analysis, track corresponding actions to show progress for service adoption, utilization and other factors across the lifecycle
  • Track the success of service marketing
  • Assess each research initiative with a critical eye to ensure that it provides actionable insights and a positive and meaningful Return on Investment (ROI)

Minimum Qualifications  

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science, Business Analytics or related field)
  • You have 5 years of post-baccalaureate, progressive experience in a Business Intelligence/IT Analytics-related occupation
  • You have 5 years of experience in the following skills:
    • Provide meaningful information to complex business problems using a mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies involving large amount of internal and external data using Teradata/Oracle/Access SQL, MS suite, Google Analytics, Power BI, Tableau, Cognos, OBIEE etc.
    • Root-cause analyses of incidents and problems including troubleshooting technical & data issues
    • Drive data needs resolution including stakeholder management, close-loop assessment of total impacts, and continuous updates
    • Coding languages, tools, frameworks like ICAN, JSON, XML, HTML,PHP, Python, and Java to automate manual data crunching, analysis, reporting and dashboarding
    • Tokenization and ability to link data with other unrelated data to tell the complete story; track real-time data using tools like Splunk, Google Analytics
  • You have at least one semester of graduate-level coursework or some work experience in the following skills:
    • Marketing & customer research project management, including survey design and implementation, data analysis and interpretation, report writing using tools and frameworks like Excel, Qualtrics, MS Forms
    • Coding in SharePoint and .net applications to share real-time reporting dashboards with stakeholders across the enterprise…..Read More>>>


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